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Several years ago a group of visionary business leaders recognized that British Columbia, Canada was ill prepared to cope with catastrophic events such as earthquakes. They banded together under the name of: EPICC - Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council, to promote preparedness within the business community and to government.

Today we find that the need for our organization is as great as ever. Business survival is critical to the economic and social well-being of our communities.

EPICC is a nonprofit government endorsed society supported by and for the benefit of business and institutions throughout British Columbia, Canada, to influence and help businesses prepare for emergencies and disasters.

EPICC provides a supportive forum in which businesses are encouraged to effectively practice emergency management procedures with a goal of surviving potential disasters. Membership is open to all sizes of business, levels of government and other organizations

Our Purpose
Disaster survival of business, industry and commerce for our communities

Our Mission Statement
To lead businesses in preparing to survive a disaster

Our Vision
Disaster resilient businesses within disaster resilient communities
A mutually supportive business community, educated, trained and committed to effective emergency management and prepared to survive a disaster

Our Distinction
Our focus is on survivability of business in disasters

  • We are a large and small business organization
  • We are increasing awareness through shared experience and expertise
  • We do influence government's focus on business survival
  • We encourage business preparation and emergency management
  • We provide recognition and demonstrated leadership
Our Values
  • We manage EPICC with high professional business standards and discipline.
  • We recognize the value of sharing problems, solutions and ideas to maximize effectiveness.
  • We are a "Learning Organization" encouraging members to learn continually and to embed their skills and knowledge into our attitudes and practices.
The "Pillars" of Our Organizational Approach
To perform beneficial services to our members and link emergency management to
businesses, we have adopted the following approach elements:
Managing the organization
Preparedness and mitigation
Inspiring positive action

Creating Awareness