Speaker Bureau
  1. Speakers Bureau presentations are currently only available in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, B.C. If your organization is interested in receiving a presentation outside of this area, please contact EPICC to be connected with a similar organization in your area.
  2. Speakers Bureau presentations are booked for 30 minute time slots (e.g. 20 minute talk, 10 minutes for questions). Please allow 15-20 minutes for set-up prior to the presentation.
  3. We require a minimum of 15 persons for each presentation.
  4. Speakers Bureau presentations are presented free-of-charge. Donations and honorariums directed to EPICC are, however, graciously accepted, and will be used to further support the development of similar activities for the community.
  5. Expenses, such as parking and mileage, may be requested from the organization to cover extraneous costs associated with sending a Speaker to do the presentation.
  6. Audio-visual equipment is usually required for a presentation. We ask that your organization ensure the facility has a screen (already set up) and/or large white wall available for the presentation. In addition, it is greatly appreciated if your organization can provide an overhead projector and/or a PowerPoint projector & laptop. Please ensure that all A/V equipment provided by your organization is set-up prior to the arrival of the Speaker.